Behind Closed Boards

Joshua Levy (Husch Blackwell) | Five Questions With...

July 20, 2023 Altius Building Company Season 2 Episode 16
Behind Closed Boards
Joshua Levy (Husch Blackwell) | Five Questions With...
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In this episode of Behind Closed Boards, we tackle Five + Questions with… Joshua Levy, Partner of Husch Blackwell . The Construction Industry encompasses an enormous depth of components and phases. From an initial idea, financing, engaging contracts, procurement, logistics, moving dirt, erecting, and building, to commissioning. That said, it takes keen expertise to navigate this industry from a legal standpoint. Jonathan and Joshua dig into this… 

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Behind the Boards - Five Questions With... Episode 16 (Joshua Levy - Husch Blackwell) Transcript
Tuesday, July 18th, 2023

:07s - Opening with Host Jonathan Ward
:16s - Introduction of Joshua Levy - Husch Blackwell
:45s - Going Back 30 Years...How Did You Decide to Focus on Law and When Was it  That You Defined Construction as the Area to Focus?
2m:58s - What Was Your Academic Journey Like and What if Anything Would You do Differently?
6m 51s - After 30 Year in the Industry What are the Top Best Practices That You Could Give Regarding a Construction Project?
17m:02s - When a Project Doesn't Go as Planned and What Needs to Happen is Not in the Contract or it's a Grey Matter...Any Advice?
21m:39s - Tell Us About Husch Blackwell... 
24m:40s - Tell Us About Husch's Communities for Change Initiative?
30m:21s - What is the Single Most Exciting CRE/Construction Project Within the City of Milwaukee and Why?
33m:58s -    What One Piece of Advice Would You Give Those Starting a Construction Project?
36m:30s - Wrap-up/Closing
37m:05s - END